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Produktinformationen "CAMEL 2 SET"


The 2021 Bataleon Camel Toe has earned itself an enviable reputation as being one of the most fun to ride quiver boards on the market. Built around a wide-profile nose, cut out tail, fully directional shape, this remarkable snowboard was one of the first of the new generation boards to blend exceptional powder performance with almost alpine-like levels of carving ability. Equally at home riding waist deep powder as it is blasting around the mountain; the Camel Toe is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to add a powder focussed board to their quiver. However, don’t go thinking that this board is just a one-trick pony if you’re one of those riders that’s not interested in hitting the park then the Camel Toe makes the perfect everyday board for all-mountain freeriders. For this season Bataleon has packaged the Camel Toe with the Bataleon binding creating what is, without doubt, the best value board/binding combo on the market.

Rider Style: Freeriders and Powder Hounds

The Camel Toe is aimed at riders of all ability levels who want a high performing, fun-to-ride board that kills it both in the pow and on the piste.

Shape Overview: Directional

The Camel Toe’s fully directional shape is characterised by its distinctive wide profile nose and cut out CT tail. This innovative design gives the board increased lift and float at the front while allowing the rear to sink. This effortless float allows the designers to reduce the riding length by around 5 to 7cm, creating a responsive manoeuvrable board for when you get it into the trees and tighter terrain. The manoeuvrability is then further enhanced with the CT’s sidecut profile. This advanced multi-radius sidecut brings the board alive on-piste and is key to making the Camel Toe such a special board.


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