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Produktinformationen "PARTY SHARK"

Limited edition 20 Year Anniversary re-release

Nothing captures the essence of snowboarding more than an epic powder day. Specifically, the point in time when you're mauling through mad pow-blasting double overhead snow blowers—and realize for those few seconds, you're living the dream. We call that the "Fuck Yeah Bro!" moment because it's inevitably the first thing said when you see another human—right before the hi-fives and the beers. 

The CAPiTA Party Shark was originally offered in the 2010/2011 collection as an extremely limited edition tapered-tail powder machine. With only 125 pieces originally produced that year, The Party Shark became a sought after board for powder annihilators and CAPiTA collectors alike. Modernized from its original release, the 20 year re-issue Party Shark features mid body camber with a flat tail and rockered nose. Construction advancements like a lightweight FSC Certified P2 Superlight Core and Technora + Flax Boosters will keep your party boat afloat. The Party Shark only lives to get radical. Get one if you can find it and DEVOUR THE POW!

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